OpenCloudConf – Workshop Presentations -

Silicon Valley Cloud Center
Sunnyvale, CA
April 30th – May 2nd 2012
Organizer: Dave Nielsen
Video: Troy McGee – Tech Springboard

Workshop: Cloud Computing and DevOps – Robert Harker



Technical Panel: Open Cloud APIs – Why All the Fuss? Can an API be THAT important?
Moderated by Michael Pittaro. Will Chan of Citrix, Adrian Cole of JClouds, Geoff Arnold (Independent), Anant Jhingram of Apigee (IBM fellow), David Lutterkort of Red Hat / Delta Cloud



Afternoon Highlight: Ingy dot Net
Ingy dot Net “Real Key to Open Cloud: Building in Cloud Application Portability” “Standard-based approach to Application Deployment Manifests”



Session: Perspectives on the Future of Clouds
Presenting Gordon Haff – Cloud Evangelist, Red Hat



Session: Greg DeKoenigsberg of Eucalyptus – OpenPaaS & Open Eucalyptus



Session: Application Portability in the Cloud – Paul Mourani



Session: It Takes and (Open Source) Village to Build a Cloud – Mark R. Hinkle
- Senior Director, Cloud Computing Community Citrix Systems Inc.



Workshop: Whopper Apps – PaaS Notes, Your Way Right Away – Alex Heneveld – CTO Cloudsoft
A flame-broiling tour of over a dozen PaaS and application management tools that help applications make intelligent use of on-demand infrastructure. This talk will cover some of the main challenges we have faced building elastic multi-cloud applications for enterprises, then describe how Puppet Bosh Right Chef Foundry Shift Brooklyn And Friends help solve thems (and the new challenges they introduce too).



Workshop: Hadoop Worldwide – Roll Your Own Multi-Cloud Analytics with jclouds, Whirr, and Brooklyn
- Alex Heneveld - Cloudsoft
- Adrian Cole – Cloudsoft

Discover the gory details of some of the most powerful open-source tools for building and managing big applications in the clouds. In this workshop, we’ll walk through how to provision machines — in any of more than 30 cloud providers and systems — with jclouds, how to build Hadoop clusters — in any of those clouds — with Whirr, and how to deploy and manage a real-world example — combining Hadoop with a geo-balanced DNS multi-cloud web application — with the recently APL2′d Brooklyn library. We’ll present recent work supporting localhost dev alongside production OpenStack environments, and cover why — and where — it is important to control certain aspects of deployment and management. You’ll leave with an in-depth understanding of these tools, what they do, where they apply, and how to use them.



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